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Unit 8: Online Professional learning July 7, 2011

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Ed Tech Crew – An amazing resource, so much information, quite overwhelming really. I was lucky enough to hear Tony Richard’s presentation at this years Library Technicians conference in Melbourne. Screencasting was one of the highlights. Screenr is great, free, easy to use, a great “How to…” tool.

I found Ken Robinsons video about changing education paradigms very interesting and I fully agree with his ideas about collaborative learning. How fantastic then that we now have  tools like, Skype & Elluminate, that we have the ability to podcast and communicate with others anywhere in the world – digital tools & technology fascilitate the idea of group learning, connection & collaboration. I was inspired (& heart-warmed) watching the video from the students at Sacred Heart School and Pularumpi School.


Unit 7: Reflection – Pedagogy or technology July 6, 2011

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As a “digital immigrant” I am consolidating my understanding of the importance of keeping up with the advances in technology both at home and at school. Living with a ‘digital native” (13 yr old boy) highlights the need to keep up (or keep ahead) or get totally left behind. It is obvious that this generation of kids are different, they’re 21st century learners; to connect and engage their learning we, as parents and educators have to accept and adapt to have a positive affect on their education. If that means using mobile devices in schools so be it, but with that change comes the need to develop effective, fluid policy, to ensure that the use of these “tools” is relevant to the learning and that digital citizenship is taught & modelled early in the students education. I love the pen analogy, it says it all really


Unit 6: Reflection on Presentation Tools July 4, 2011

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Just posted a very embarrassing Animoto video of my cat on Facebook!

I found  Animoto very easy to use, I’m sure our students would love to use this tool for making booktrailers or other presentations. I also had lots of fun playing with Wordle & Tagxedo and inserting them into my blog (as you can see I went a bit overboard).

Although I didn’t upload a presentation to Slideshare I can see how this tool could be very useful for sharing information.


Tagxedo is fun!

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PLN Tagxedo

PLN Tagxedo


Harry Potter

Philosopher's Stone


Unit 5 Reflection: Digital citizenship June 13, 2011

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As parents or as educators I think it is vital that we teach our children to interact & behave responsibly online. It is essential that we are proactive, that we are able to provide guidance, from home or from school in educating our children in the use of social media. I believe that understanding the “digital footprint”, the ramifications of using social media & the importance of  digital citizenship should be a vital part of our children’s education from an early age to cement that behaviour later on. It is here to stay. SuperclubsPlus is a wonderful program to introduce in primary school. It is a protected social learning network that teaches children about all of the above including cybersafety and is introduced to our year 3 & 4 students with great success.

Not only schools & educators but parents need to be on top of the changing nature of student technology usage. For the very reason that I’ve stated above, to be able to educate, support & provide guidance to their children. It doesn’t mean that we all have to “do Facebook” but we should at least be aware of how social media works and the impact it is having on our children. In saying that, there is so much to learn – with technology changing all the time – like doing this PLN  my brain just hurts sometimes from too much information,  it can become quite overwhelming. Interesting times ahead!


Passwords, Passwords, Passwords! :-(

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😦      😦    😦


Unit 4 Reflection: Learning & teaching tools June 12, 2011

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I really like Wallwisher! It is a fabulous way for people to post/share information on any topic in various formats. I had experimented with it before, posting videos, images & links – found it very easy to use. I think it has a number of uses in education as a classroom or individual tool. Great for students to collaborate on a project – whether it be a specific unit of enquiry or simply a selection of their favorite books or authors.

I think my favorite visual thinking tool is Essay map. I can see immediate use for this with my 13 yr old son!! A very simple, easy to use tool that could be helpful to all students trying to plan essays. is also lot’s of fun. I hadn’t seen either of these tools before – a big tick towards my own professional learning. I also found Google for educators enlightening and particularly liked Google Custom Search Engine & the Google Classroom Posters.